AddictedThree Rucker


My Pride and Joy

This stand started it all. My mom purchased this stand in 2007 at this point I had been working in coffee for 3 years so she let me completely run this stand (hiring, scheduling, inventory, etc.). My Mom decided to follow her dream and retire. She offered this stand to me for a whopping $12,000. I was so nervous to invest all of my savings on something that might fail.

It was originally black and white when I got it I wanted to stick to the color scheme and the Pick Me Up name because I was so attached to the Pick Me Up Espresso business but I wanted to add my own personality to it. I am absolutely in love with animals…all animals so I painted it Zebra print. I had it zebra print for 5 years but I finally had to break away and brand my stands so I decided to make it match my other 2 stands so I gave in painted it and changed it’s name into AddictedThree even though it was my first stand it wasn’t an “Addicted Stand”.

When I think of this stand I think of all the amazing memories I have had here and all the incredible people I have met. I have so many amazing bonds with people I will never forget.

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