We opened October 2009 and have three locations from Everett to Arlington. We are hoping our Addicted Family will continue to grow thanks to the support of our customers and baristas. We are a family friendly drive-thru espresso establishment. We offer a large variety of flavors and our baristas always have great suggestions if you are wanting  to spice things up. We proudly serve Caffe D’arte Medium roast espresso.

How it all started…

My mom Tina worked at Starbucks for many years. She would often bring me with her to bring your child to work day. I loved seeing the way she interacted with her customers. In 2004 Tina bought her first espresso stand in a Chevron in Everett Mall Way. She called it Pick Me Up Espresso. She was struggling with just opening her own business and being a single Mother of three children so I would volunteer to work some weekends and afternoons. Thanks to her hard work the stand was quickly picking up and she soon was able to start paying me. I was only 15 at the time so I was thrilled to be making some money to save up for my first car. I loved all of my customers and I greatly looked forward to seeing them daily.

Two years later Tina expanded and got a 2nd location in the Value Village parking lot on Evergreen Way. I rarely worked it for I didn’t want to leave my regular customers. Slightly after my high school graduation my Mom found a stellar deal on our 38th and Rucker location she purchased it and made me manager. Having three stands was very difficult my Mom would always get employees calling out sick leaving her in a bind, machine breaking down, product running empty without warning, break-ins and so forth. This dream of owning all these stands seemed to overtake her personal life so she decided to sale two of them and stick to her original Chevron location. She didn’t want to sell them to anybody else without talking to me. She offered me the stand and I seen all the bills they rake up so I turned her down. She called me the next day and said my brother (who has never done anything around coffee before) was purchasing her Value Village location. This made me think if he has no experience and is willing to take the risk then I should be too plus I don’t know what I would do if somebody else purchased my Rucker stand. So I called her the next day (my 21st birthday) and said “I am in”. I used up all of my savings plus had to owe my mom for a few months.

I absolutely loved having my very own business. Yes, it can be extremely hard and frustrating. To me the hardest part is talking to employees about serious stuff. I hate having to give them consequences for their actions and most of them are my closest friends.

Once that location was paid off I decided to save up for a 2nd location. I couldn’t be more blessed then to find my 51st Street location. It had been abandon for many months and it lay on a street I had never seen before and I couldn’t wait to start meeting the neighbors. This was the first time I got to create my own business name and color scheme. People told me not to use the Addicted name because it could trigger bad memories and Addictions are often used as a bad thing, but to me “addicted” is something I heard frequently in a positive way. My regulars would frequently tell me they were “addicted” to my drinks and it always made me feel happy so it I went with it.

When I inquired about a 2nd location I had a few stands lined up and I chose the 51st street one. The 51st street one was instantly busy and the owner from another location continued to try to get me to purchase his stand so I said well what the heck I guess I am all in. This was a huge risk for me but I decided to buy a 3rd location only 2 months after my 2nd location. That is how Addicted Two in South Marysville joined the family.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing support team. My husband has always told me he believes in me and encourages me to pursue all of my dreams. If there is a mechanical emergency my brother, dad and step-dad are frequently to the rescue. My mom loves to come in and organize she often washes my rags and brings me product. I have reliable baristas that inspire me and I enjoy getting to know. They are reliable, loyal and the customers can’t get enough of them.

Thank  you all for all of your support!

-Taneal Carlson

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  1. Taneal, This is the first time I have really heard your whole story of how it all happened. (Also the first time I’ve been to this website!) Truly is inspiring. So happy for you! 💟

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